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Tips You have to know before playing Injustice 2

Beat’em ups’re usually not of its scope known but NetherRealm Studios (who Mortal Kombat X , Injustice: Gods Among Us ) delivered to the second part of their masterpiece, which at the critics and the ratings very well come off. We want you to take this opportunity first to give advice on the different modes, the leveling system and the equipment.


Successfully complete story mode first

Even though you may want to throw you right into the online battles rather, you should definitely play the story mode. Because between 76 battles that await you in the plot, the developers have to tell an epic story that will be presented in about 150 minutes excellent animated cutscenes. Especially the facial animations will make a world here and convey emotions of the characters from Injustice 2 Cheats also to the smallest detail.


The conclusion of the story of Injustice 2 also has the following advantages:

  • After each of the twelve chapters their epic gear level 20 for your fighters unlocks. This can you Although only wear when the respective hero has also reached level 20, but if you miss it, the new clothes under any circumstances, since they improve the values and skills of the characters. A perfect preparation for online battles against other players.
  • Within each chapter you play always one or two heroes. In a duo such as Black Canary / Green Arrow or Firestorm / Blue Beetle you’ve got to decide who should fight before a fight. But do not worry, you can repeat later in the chapter selection struggles and so make up for alternative narratives quickly to reach 100% completion story.

Conquered the multiverse

The multiverse simulation is detached from the story mode and provides a series of challenge missions , some of which change hourly, daily or weekly. Here you monitored with the DC heroes alternative realities and always attacks because where there is danger. The mode is best with the living towers of Mortal Kombat X compare.

You get at every event the required level is displayed and can be tapped her some rewards. The multiverse should be always your one-stop for quick matches in between, because sometimes you get here the best equipment in the game , thus increasing your chances in multiplayer against other players.


the Mother boxing always open immediately

The Lootboxen in Injustice 2 are called Mother boxes and are available in various denominations from Bronze to Diamond. This will get you again for certain missions and challenges as a reward. It is important to know that they are connected to the level with which ye will receive.

This means a Motherbox that you get at level 5, will always include only appropriate equipment, even if you do not open until at level 20th So therefore it makes no sense when her on the part you the Mother boxes. Open it always right, if you do get , because they do not level up with you with.

Join a guild

From level 5 you are allowed to join a guild . This is to alliances of up to 50 players. This brings the following advantages:

  • You gain access to special multiverse challenges where you have to jointly meet a goal.
  • You deserve additional guild points with which you can unlock Mother boxes, which are reserved for guilds.

Will you therefore get more loot, you should definitely join a guild as soon as their level 5.


Keep equipment that you like visually

Otherwise rather a typical problem in role-playing games, it can also occur in Injustice 2 that her you have to opt for an ugly but better armor at the expense of the optically nicer with lower values. There are, however, conveniently a solution, because you can transfer them to other the appearance of certain equipment.

The respective menu items your characters can perfect so visually according to your wishes. The only fly in the ointment: The transformation process will cost you the game currency source crystals that can buy you for real money. However, you deserve it sometimes so in the game. You get about 500 source crystals when you complete the tutorial, so do not forget this!


Sold excess equipment and saves your upgrades

During the game you will be filled with tons of equipment, which you can sell directly again especially the gray armor. So get your valuable in-game currency that you can use to improve your equipment. In addition, your inventory is limited, so mistet regularly.

To improve your equipment you will receive so-called rain tokens in the game. This can spend it in order to bring a piece of armor to level your heroes and so, consequently, to improve its values. We recommend you this much, to use the token for epic armor (gold color) and also only when you reach with a hero the maximum level (level 20).

Sets the conflict system correctly

As in the first Injustice you can also in the second part again initiate a conflict in the fight , with both opponents clash in the middle of the screen and can you put a part or the whole action token on the line to regain life energy or inflict damage.

A conflict can you only start when your second life bar has begun already. Pressing R2 / RT + arrow toward the opponent you can then start a conflict. Here, the timing is crucial and the booklet can turn in a fight once more completely in your favor. Whistles from her last holes, but your action bar is filled up? Then start a conflict and bring you life back rather than a Super action to start.