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Homelands with Depths Information’s.

Right here in this ultimate One Piece Thousand Storm guide we shall be talking about the homelands with deep details by going into the different parts of it to help you which one exactly you going to get, and now we starting with the East Blue Homeland, as this is going to be the first one available for you to pick from, but first you need to know that they are actually 3 homelands available for you to pick from, and we going over them with details one by one also remember that you will need a certain amount of coins through your gaming time, so get the One Piece Thousand Storm Cheats so you could be able to get enough amount of coins for free without having to pay a single penny into the shop, now let’s get back to where we started this article, the East Blue homeland, and it comes with a specific crew member that will become your assistant through the different stages of the game and will help you out with many stuff you going to find it challenging to overcome it alone, this assistant will fight with you by your side to kill out the different monsters you facing, this assistant will also start to gain levels and get stronger by the time you are getting stronger, he can also start equipping and wear new gears to get him stronger as well, use the One Piece Thousand Storm cheats so you could enough coins which would give you the freedom once you enter the shop, so purchasing whatever you like there is not going to be a big deal for at all, also read the full article so you will know the right items choice for the certain type of assistant you having.

This is actually the most entertaining part about the game.

One more thing you need to know about the homelands, which is not the most interesting part, and now let’s face you with the truth and the fact about the game. Once you enter the homeland you shall never leave it, and you are actually trapped inside with this character you have created, and if you wish to switch the character, but once you create a new character you will have to start getting yourself from all over again, and all your items and equipment will be gone to waste, but actually with the help of the One Piece Thousand Storm hack, you will be having more than enough coins to start all over again and start purchasing all the lost items from the previous homeland.

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