Keep yourself updated With the Latest Changes in 8 Ball Pool Game

If you are addicted enough to the game and been spending a lot of time playing it and do not want to miss out a challenge request from a friend. Then enabling the notifications from the settings menu would be a great move.

Also using the 8 Ball Pool cheats to be able to operate normally through the game phases and purchase the items you want is pretty much a cool move.

The game will be encouraging you to get your social mead accounts linked up with the game, as there will be rewards coming instantly in form of coins and cashes for the invitations you are sending to your friends.

To be fair, the game is much better and more competitive when your friends find their way to play it with you.


Moving now the gameplay, if you ever faced a problem with the controlling mechanism and started to feel that everything is so sensitive, then it would be the right time to adjust it and keep the charging points and levers on the right bar.

Do not forget to use the spin that will come into your pocket for every day. The spin is more like the daily reward but it is following a different path.

The rewards from the spinning will vary depending on your luck rate, so you might become a millionaire and you may not get anything at all.

How To Get More Spins?

Spins could be purchased as well, but they are only available to be obtained through the real money. The 8 Ball Pool cheats will work as a main alternative to the real money.

You may get any amount of spins by simply using the service and adding it to your to do list. Remember that the coins and cash are doing the same job, so you choose the type of currency you want to add to your account. It is cool to have the freedom of selection.